In June of 2006, a radiology student at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI was told by a friend about some strange occurrences near the town of Reed City, about 12 miles away. People had reported some very unusual sightings of a large dog or wolf-like animal near a remote and vacant building. Early one Saturday morning, the student convinced three of his friends to accompany him on an expedition to check it out.

They arrived at the site around 2:30am. Nothing happened for the first 30 minutes, then one of them saw movement in the woods nearby. The crickets went silent. Twigs snapped loudly. One of the students shined a bright flashlight toward the source, and saw something that he termed, “not human.”

The creature seemed to be standing upright, apparently hiding behind a tree. All four students saw what appeared to be an arm or leg, covered in hair “about an inch long.” Just a small portion of the face was visible, and the student reported “The way the eyes set made me think of a human face, I could not see the ears, I remember the mouth to be narrow but I dont recall seeing a nose on the end of the "snout". The animal did not move, but when the light hit his eyes, they returned a yellow glow.

For several minutes, the students were frozen in place. One of them finally broke the silence by requesting that they “get in the car and get out of here.” They drove away, but by the time they reached the main road, youthful bravado took over and they decided to go back to see if they could get a better look.

Arriving back at the building, they shined lights all around, but could see nothing. Just as they were about to leave again, a motion sensitive light on the side of the building went on, and they heard a fast rustling noise moving toward them. The four students scrambled back into the car and tore away.

As the car roared along the country road at nearly 40 miles per hour, one of the students in the rear seat turned to look behind them. In the glow of the tail lights, he saw that a large animal was chasing them, running on all fours. When they reached the main road, no one looked back again.

In an interview, the student described the animal like this, “I don't know if this is a dogman or not, but this thing is NOT human, is NOT natural, and is NOT friendly."

In 2006, The History Channel's Monster Quest sent a film crew to the scene, and the crew reported hearing and briefly sighting a similar creature during the filming.